September 8, 2008

Different Tourism Organizations in Bangladesh


For building image of Bangladesh different Organizations and tourism services are generally provided.

7.1. Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC):

During half a century there was a tourism department in this region, which is under the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism. As a semi-autonomous organization it enjoys wide power and authority including the right to acquire and dispose property; construct and run hotels, restaurants and other tourist facilities; operate duty free shop, transportation and car rental: establish and run training institutes: and invest its funds as it deems proper. The broad objectives of the formation of the BPC are as follows:

a. Creation of favorable impression in the minds of foreigners about tourist attractions in Bangladesh through disseminating information by various media and thereby undertaking promotional activities through various publicity media:
b. Creation of physical facilities for both domestic and foreign tourists by providing accommodation, catering, transportation and recreational facilities and thereby operation of the above facilities;
c. Providing with training for the development of skilled manpower for employment in the travel trade sector both at home and abroad; and
d. Regulation of tourism activities in the country.

7.2. Others notable native tour operators:

7.2.1. The Guide Tours Ltd:

It is the largest tour operator in Bangladesh. Its domestic tours cover most of the tourist spots in Bangladesh and outbound tours include Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Mynmar, India, Thailand, Combodia, Vietnam and Laos.

The Bengal Tours Ltd.,Unique Tours and Travels, Kushiara Tourism Ltd., Sunfine Travels International, Tour planners, Intraco (Bangladesh) Ltd., Green Channel, Tour Bangla, Journey Plus etc. are the private tour operator in Bangladesh.

7.2.2 Airlines:

Biman Bangladesh Airlines, GMG Airlines are playing the vital role in Bangladesh for tourism sector.

7.2.3 Travel Agencies:

Travel agencies of both the destination and the tourist generating countries also play important roles in the promotion and development of tourism of a country. Bangladeshi Travel agencies acting the same as well as the neighbor countries.

7.2.4 Building better skill for building better image National Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (NHTTI):

Skilled human resource is sine-quo-non for the development of any sector of the economy. “In order to develop human resource in tourism sector professional training is a must. With this end in view, BPC has taken the venture of human resource development for the industry. As such, the corporation (BPC) established the NHTTI in 1974. This institute gives technical assistance to upgrade the training courses. The Satellite Training Center:

The NHTTI has established a Satellite Training Center in Chittagong in the july of 1993 to train the local students there. As the most attractive tourist zones of Bangladesh are in and Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar and Chittagong Hill Tract areas, The main motive of establishing this STC was to train the local people of the destination area.

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