September 9, 2008

Nature and categories of tourist attractions in bangladesh

4. Nature and categories of tourist attractions:

Bangladesh is an exotic destination. It is magical tapestry woven with the threads of hope, struggle and love. It has a host of tourist treasures to off to tourists. Bangladesh is a combination of verdant forests, riverine countryside, and long stretches of sub-bathed beaches, fearsome wilds, meandering rivers and venerable shrine. Others include lakes, hills, tribal life, archaeological remains (including historical moments, folklore, and religious and cultural heritage), and much more. The following are some important tourist attractions in Bangladesh.

4.1. Natural Beauty Attractions:

Bangladesh is covered with diversified natural objects, all creating unique scenic beauty throughout. The country is a boon of nature and is gifted with immense natural beauty and diversity. As a land of captivating beauty, Bangladesh has got many natural things to offer to the visitors. These include emerald green villages with exotic rural life, breath taking view of the country-side, beautiful evergreen virgin forests wearing varying colours in different seasons, unspoiled nature with serenade of singing birds, different wild lives in different forests, etc. Besides, colorful forested hill streams of Sylhet and Chittagong areas, the open valleys, sea beaches, panoramic tea gardens in Sylhet region, innumerable rivers, small and big lakes are also important natural beauty elements of the country. Its landscape, emerald green crop fields, colorful countryside, and the plain land throughout the country have made it a uniquely beautiful country in the world. Above all, about 145 million warm-harted people have made the country a unique and fascinating tourist spot in the world.

The beautiful and picturesque Chittagong Hill Tracts have full to scenic appeal for all classes of tourists, local and foreign. The hilly Sylhet beded with its tea gardens is situated at the northwestern part of Bangladesh amidst picturesque secnic tropical forests and innumerable medium sized hill streams. Sylhet is the biggest tea producer zone of Bangladesh. There are more than 150 tea gardens here. The Sylhet Valley has got in tis proud possession the largest three tea gardens, both in area and production, of the world.

The world largest (120 km.) natural unspoiled and unbroken shark free sandy sea beaches of Cox’x Bazar and its adjacent areas should appeal very much to the tourists for natural recreation ins solitude. Cox’s Bazar Sea beach is situated in the backdrop of lush green hills. Another sea beach, Kuakata, which islocally known as the ‘Sagar Kanya’ (daughter of the sea) offers a unique opportunity to see the full view of rising and setting sun in a calm environment. Tourists from western countries like to move and sunbathe in the soft sunshine on the sandy sea beach.

4.2. Adventure Attractions:

Tourists want access to thrilling experience. Wildlife based tourism, described as ‘Safari’ earlier, is now called adventure travel. “Wildlife oriented travel represents a major trend in tourism today. What once was best described as ‘Safari’ now carries labels such as ‘Adventure Travel’ and Ecotour’ a journey to an exotic spot where moder human society has not displaced the indigenous wildlife. Moving in and around Sundarbans and Chittagong Hill districts offer unique and challenging opportunity for adventure tourists. “ Royal Bengal Tiger is one of the star attractions and Bangladesh is one of the few countries where one can find them.

4.3. Eco-Attractions:

The idea of tourism, once centered at Pyramids or Hanging Gardens, has now changed throughout the world and the theme now focuses on the enjoyment and conservation of nature and culture. Eco-tourism means environmentally responsible and culturally sustainable tourism which promotes visit of the tourists to relatively unexplored natural areas with some specific objects of (i) having to total experience through enjoying and studying the scenery, natural plants and wild animals; (ii) resulting in social and economic benefits to the society in general and local community in particula ; and (iii) promoting conservation of natural and cultural features (both present and past) of that society. Bangladesh is blessed with two of the world’s splendid and enchanting ecotourism spots of diverse nature the Sundarbans and the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

The world largest mangrove forest ‘sundarbans’, three hill districts in Chittagong Hill Tracts the tourists’ paradise, and the tea plantations in Sylhet are the heaven place. Innumerable rivers and rivulets, some islands, lakes, forests, wildlives, glorious tribal life and their exotic culture, and the traditional simpel life style of the rurla people are also attractive sight of Bangladesh.All these products are the pride of Bangladesh and have tremendous demand to the eco-tourists of the world.

4.4. Riverside Attractions :

Geographically, Bangladesh is characterized by the mighty Ganges and Jamuna rivers and their myriad tributaries which produce a remarkable 5,222 kilometers of navigable waterways, a distance which almost doubles during the monsoon season. Nature has gifted Bangladesh with this vast reverine experience. Thousand of rivers and rivulets flowing form the north to the south and watering the land throughout have crisscrossed the country. BPC and some private tour operators have also introduced river cruise services to enable the tourists to discover the riverine-beauty.

4.5. Historical and Heritage Attractions:

Bangladesh is a newly born state in an ancient land full of historical and heritage attractions. During its more than two thousand years of eventful history, many illustrious Kings and Sultans have ruled and disappeared and have left their marks in the shape of magnificent cities as well as monuments throughout the country . The country’s historical legacy is composed of various stands, including Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist and British. These historical places, archaeological sites, monuments, and similar other objects are available throughout the country to symbol and present out tradition and civilization.

Old ancient Buddhist relics at Paharput, Mahasthangarh, and Mainamati as part of mankind’s indivisible heritage. The Buddhist settlements of the 8th to 12 the century A.D. known as Mainamati Lalmai range situated in the center of the district of comilla. Salban Vihar, Kotila Mura, Charpatra Mura are the main features of the area.

The capital city Dhaka predominantly was a city of the Mughals. In hundred years of their vigorous rule successive Governors and Princely Viceroys who ruled the province, adorned it with many noble monuments in the shape of magnificent palaces, mosques, tombs, fortifications and ‘katras’ often surrounded with beautifully laid otu gardens and vavilions.

4.6. Cultural Attractions:

Bangladesh is heir to a rich cultural legacy and traditions. It has a rich heritage of Daces, arts and music featuring both traditional Bengali artists and various hill tribes. A variety of music viz- Classical, folk & modern; dances viz- classical, tribal & middle eastern traits, films viz- shor/long, dramas viz- open air & indoor stage have got a deep foundation in Bangladesh and are considered as parts of the people’s life. BPC sometimes, arranges live cultural shows in its cruise vessels.

4.7. Human Attractions:

The most attractive cultural object of a country is its people. A true tourist wants to see and study all about the people of a country. There are about 145 million people in Bangladesh having diversified traditions, customs, beliefs, feelings, and ways of living. The rural people live on different occupations including farmers, peasants, cottage industry holders, fishermen, carpenters, blacksmiths, boatmen, washer men, barbers, etc. They are very social and pious and lead a very simple life.

The unique custom and costumes of tribal families indicate the ancient traditions and cultural heritage. Their traditions, customs, costumes and cultural heritages are important fascinating objects of pleasure for tourists.

The mixture of diverse race of the pre Aryan racial including primitive tribes viz- the Kols, the Sabaras, the Pulindars, the Hadi, the Dom, the Chandala and others. The Proto-Austroloid, the Dravidians, the Mongoloids viz- Chakmas and others represents distinctive racial features for Bangladesh.

4.8. Recreational Attractions:

Tourism activities consists of some Ss which stands for sea, sands, snow, sun, scenery, sight seeing shopping, sex, and show. Bangladesh has got most of the Ss excepting snow and sex. Here, sex is one of the important Ss. After roaming, visiting, seeing, and swimming, tourists move towards hotels to enjoy grand hospitality and take rest. Here tourists like to through his exhausted body on the milky white bed soft and inviting for the warmth of a woman giving him pleasure. Arrangement of such pleasure is not allowed. Of course, some hotels in the destination areas arrange such nightlife facilities in a very restricted and secret manner and behind the screen.

4.9. Religious Attractions:

The religious beliefs of the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Animists and other tribal people in Bangladesh have shaped their way of life and can present a variety of customs, traditions and culture for tourists.

4.10. Fair and Festival Attractions:

Fairs and festivals are the part and parcel in the life of our people in Bangladesh. These are the principal means of enjoying pleasure, getting companion of others, and exchanging greetings with each other.

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