September 6, 2008

Potentiality of tourism development in Bangladesh


Bangladesh may not have any mono-symbolic tourist attraction like the Tajmahal of Agra, nor the Hanging Garden of Babylon. It also does not have the Great Wall of China, the Mount Everest of Nepal, or the Waterfall of Niagara. Then, why should tourists come and visit Bangladesh? Rather, the United stats and Europe continue to be the most visited destinations in the world. But , they are also now changing their outlooks and shifting their choices for new attractions. Most of the tourists are avoiding the popular tourism circuits and mass visited or over crowded beaten track of traditional tourist interest and are now handing towards new areas. Many of the potential international tourists are moving to visit more natural form of attractions- exploring exotic land or wildlife. They also prefer to enjoy undiscovered cultural form of attractions. Many countries improve their economies through exploiting this changing trend. Although there is huge potential for Bangladesh to reap this benefit, the country is yet touristic ally undiscovered and unexplored. The country is still unknown to the potential tourists and the industry lacks in appropriate approaches to marketing it tourism products.

21st century will see a higher percentage of the total population traveling, specially in developing countries, and people will be going on holidays more often sometimes two, three or four times a year. Bangladesh therefore, should immediately take necessary measures to develop infrastructure, improve the existing products, develop peripheral products, and undertake marketing promotional activities on priority basis with a view to attracting larger share from these potential visitors and keeping pace with this trend. Actually Bangladesh is a highly prospective country with fantastic tourism potentials. Necessary help in marketing its tourism products and building image of the country. This has also generated long awaited hope to develop tourism in the country.

So we should take a lot of initiatives either from Government or public sector to develop this great industry. This industry not only chance a country’s economic condition but also make infrastructure development, Physical attitude, develop social norms & values, and change the core concept of tradition came from ancestors. That’s why to develop these great industry future, researches would be able to improve the existing piece of work and explore new findings to recommend more effective policy and impacts on the development of tourism in Bangladesh. They can also evaluate the successes and failures as well as identifying the implementation constrains of these policies. Thus they can suggest for country based practical and straightforward policy package for the government. Researchers may also explore the possibility of private sector investment, both of domestic and foreign and thus evaluate the possibility of success of such investment.

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