September 8, 2008

Suggestion for reforms and Improvements in the tourism Industry of Bangladesh


Every sector of a developing country like Bangladesh needs to be taken care of. Tourism sector is of no exception from it. It is necessary that the concerned authority should direct their efforts to identify the problems and isolate the shortcomings first and chalk out necessary measures to eradicate those. Here above are some of the problems of the industry. It is urgently needed to pay attention to the above-mentioned core problems faced by the tourism industry in Bangladesh.

The following pragmatic measures could be taken by the concerned authorities in order to pave the way for reforms and improvements and put this sector in Bangladesh on the right track:

11.1. Development of Tourism Infrastructure and Facilities:

An improved infrastructure is the key to the expansion and of tourism activities in a destination country. The over all infrastructures existing in Bangladesh should be developed in order to facilitate tourism development in the country. For this, the Government should initiate some ambitious projects in connection with developing the overall tourism infrastructure of the country.

11.2. Adequate Finance:

The private commercial banks, specialized banks, national commercial banks, investment and leasing and investment companies offer various kinds of loans and credit skims. Specially, SME loans are now at the pick of the demand. All the financial institutions, the private and public commercial banks, leasing firms should come forward and offer easy credit or micro credit facilities for the entrepreneurs who are willing to be a part of tourism industry.

11.3. Private Sector:

Private sector should be encouraged in a massive scale to conduct their business in tourism sector. Many of the micro sectors of tourism can not be attended by the Government. So, private sector must be adequate financial support.

11.4. Political Stability and Supreme Leadership:

Now the people of Bangladesh have become conscious about their image. They know what they want form their representatives. To depict an enhanced, clear, contented and transparent image of Bangladesh political stability is must. Supreme leadership can make all impossible possible. Malaysia is now a giant as a tourist destination. Their supreme and fine leadership helped a lot to create Malaysia as a must visit destination.

11.5. Pollution Control:

As many of the sources of pollutions are unnecessary and could be reduced fairly easily and at little cost, there is no excuse for further delaying on action. Given the magnitude of the problem, and of the human suffering that results, the citizen of Bangladesh can no longer afford to neglect the issues of the pollutions. For the health, sanity, and well-being of the population, and for creating Bangladesh as a better destination for tourists, it is time that all should take this problem seriously, and begin implementing solutions. Whether as individuals, NGO staff, or members of the media, mass people can and must take specific steps to reduce the problems of pollutions.

11.6. Others:

Offer Enough and Exclusive Tourist Products, Develop Peripheral Products and Facilities to Complement Core Products, Improving and Controlling the Quality of Products and Services, Arrangements of Cultural Programs, conservation of the Tourism Components for the Future, Development of Infrastructure and Facilities, Facilitate Easy Access to Different Destinations, Establishment of More Economy Hotels in the Destination Areas, Needs as Efficient Channel of Collection Network, Building and Maintaining Relationships among the Service Providers, Set and Charge Reasonable Prices, Removing Misconceptions and Enhancing Image of the Country, Undertake Enough and Effective Marketing Promotional Activities, Designing Promotional Plans Aiming at Benefits Sought by the Tourists, Emphasis on Push communication Strategy, Opening Branches and Information counters in the Source Countries, Implementing Motivational Programs, Allowing More Discounts and offering Other Incentives, Arrange Enough Security Measures for the Tourists, Develop comprehensive Plan, Priority of the Tourism Sector in the National Development Plans, Encouraging More Private and Foreign Investments in the Tourism Sector, Ensure Proper Role of the BPC, Employ Experienced Person and Avoid Frequent Changes at the Top of the BPC, Replacing the BPC by a National Tourism Board, Improving the Image and Performance of Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Development of Professional Efficiency, Better Understanding of Marketing Principles and Techniques, Development of Domestic Tourism.

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