September 8, 2008

Entertainment of Bangladesh

5.18. Entertainment:

5.18. 1. Cinema
Dhaka has several excellent air conditioned cinema halls which screen British. American, continental and Bangladeshi films. All district towns have their own cinemas. Check the daily morning newspapers for details of current attractions.

5.18. 2. Theatre
Bengali and Bengali translations of western plays are staged frequently. Popular theatre groups are: Dhaka Theatre, Nagarik Nattya Sampraday and Theatre.

5.18. 3. Cultural Shows
Cultural shows are quite frequently performed at several venues like Mohila Samity, Guide House and British Council Auditorium. Check with hotel receptions and the daily newspapers for details.

5.18. 4. Fairs, festivals & Holidays
Fairs and festivals have always plaued a significant role in the life of the citizens of this country. They derive from them a great amount of joy, entertainment and colour for life. While most of the festivals have sprung from religious rituals, the fairs have their roots in the very heart of the people, irrespective of religion, caste or creed. The biggest muslim festivals are Eidul Fitr. Next comes Eid ul Azha. Other widely celebrated muslim festivals are Eid e Miladunabi, Shab - e - Barat, Ashura (10th day of Lunar Month, Muharram), and Jamt ul wide. Festivals like Durga Puja of the Hindus, Christmas of the Christians, Buddha Purnima of the Buddhists are also celebrated with equal fervour. Among the nonreligious festivals Bengali New Year's Day, Victory Day (16th December) and Independence day (26th March) are celebrated nation wide. All these festivals are marked as public holidays. Other national holidays are 21st February (National Mourning Day in memory of the martyrs of Language movement) 1st May and 7th November (National Solidarity Day).

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