September 8, 2008


5.16. Park/Sanctuaries:

5.16.1. Baldha Garden
Baldha Garden Unique creation of the late Narendra Narayan Roy, the landlord of Baldha. Year of establishment was 1904. Located in Wari area of Dhaka city (opposite Christian Cemetery), the garden with its rich collection of indigenous and exotic plants is one of the most exciting attraction for naturalists and tourists. Dividend into two units: `Psyche' meanings the mother goddess of nature, the garden house about 1500 plants and trees covering 672 species and 87 families. Many of them are rare plants procured from about 50 different countries of the world. Papyrus, Amazou Lily, Victoria Regia, Camelias (Camellia japonica) Ashoke tree, Baobab (Adansonia digital) Century flower plant (Fureraea gigantea), Canyehor and Sugar palm of Philippines are some of the rare collections. A lovely lily pond inside the `Psyche' and a sun dial are worth visiting. The tombs of the founder and his son are located within `Cybele'.

5.16.2. National Botanical Garden
National Botanical Garden Located at Mirpur, near the Dhaka Zoo. Spread over an area of 205 acres of land. It has a collection of nearly 100 species of local and foreign plants. Outstanding attractions are 100 varieties of roses in the rose corner, 100 varieties of bamboos in the bamboo grove, varieties of sandal wood and an old banyan tree. A quiet place out of the main city to meet the nature.

5.16.3. Dhaka Zoological Gardens
Dhaka Zoological Gardens Popularly known as Mirpur Zoo and located at a distance of about 16 km. from the Dhaka city centre. Establiushed on 230 acres of land. It has nearly 1400 animals and birds belonging to 124 species latest addition being the Kangaroo and Tapir. Busy enclosures are those of lions, Royal Bengal Tiger, Panthers, Deers, Monkeys, Chimpanzees, Pythons, Crocodiles, Elephants, colourful birds and other animals. A zoological museum with stuffed animals and birds is rich in collection. Angling and picnic facilities available inside the zoo besides Kiosks and restaurants.

5.16.4. National Park
National Park Situated at Bhawal, 40km, north of Dhaka Trishal - Mymensingh Highway. An ideal spot for visitors, artists, photographers, omithologists and tourists. A vast (16,000 acres) national recreational forest. Main flora is Garjan (Assam Sal) and fauna includes small tigers, leopards, foxes, pythons, lizards and many local birds. A 1000 metre long meandering man made lake having angling and rowing facilities, the flower gardens inside are added attraction to natural beauty. Mere walking or lazing under the shade of trees is pleasant. 20 picnic spots., 6 rest houses of the forest department with comfortable bed and modern amenities are available inside the national park. Prior premission/booking may be obtained from the Divisional Forest Officer.

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