July 22, 2008

Rajshahi Varendra Research Museum

This museum is in Rajshahi City. This was the first museum of Bangladesh. This museum has a rich and ancient collection, almost three thousands of objects of Paharpur, Mohasthangar and Mohenjodaro and also of 16th to 19th century A.D. This is devoted to the study of ancient history and culture. Its rich collections contain interesting objects of past Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim heritage. It is located at the heart of Rajshahi town and maintained by Rajshahi University authority from 1964. The year of its formal establishment is 1910 A.D. by Sharat Kumar Roy. Admission is free.


Satyaki Chanda said...

The photos touched a chord with me. Ramaproshad Chanda one of the founders of the Varendra Research Society was my ancestor. Although I was born and raised in Calcutta, I grew up besieged by tales of life in pre-partition Bangal, and so much of that had to do with Ramaprashad's illustrous life and Rajshahi

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