July 23, 2008

Rajshahi Travelling way and Hotels

How to Go:
Rajshahi is connected to the rest of the city through roads, water, rail and air.

By air
Shah Mokhdum Airportan airport named after the famous Preacher Hazrat Shah Mokhdum(Rh.) is situated a short distance away from Rajshahi city. Domestic flights from and to Dhaka (Capital city of Bangladesh) is available here.

By bus
It takes approximately 5 hours by road to reach the capital, Dhaka. A number of bus services including AC and non-AC buses are available from and to Dhaka via Natore. Bus services to other major districts are also available from the Bus Terminal of Rajshahi. Buses for Dhaka-

-Hanif Enterprise
-Np Elegance
-Modern Enterprise
-National Travels

By train
An intercity express train namedSilk City Expressruns between Dhaka and Rajshahi. There are also number of intercity express trains runs between Rajshahi and other major cities of Bangladesh. Another train running between Dhaka and Rajshahi is the Padma Express.

Get around
Taxicabs are available. "Rickshaw(a tri-cycle human paddled vehicle)" and "auto-rickshaw" are also available.Taking a rickshaw is a good way to travel around when you have time on your hand. The travel expenses are much cheaper than the capital city of Dhaka.

Restaurants and Bakery:
Some nice restaurants and fast food places are available in the city.

-Nanking Chinese Restaurant
-Chilis fast food
-Chilis Kabab
-McDonalds Restaurant
-Bishal Bakery & Confectionary
-Ruchita confectionary
-Charping Chinese Restaurant
-Chang Pai Chinese Restaurant
-China Garden Chinese Restaurant
-Safa Wang Chinese Restaurant
-Eligance Chinese Restaurant
-Meatloaf Fast Food
-Fresh and wild fast food
-Young King Chinese Restaurant
-Just Inn Fast food
-Goodys Fast Food
-Sun Sea Chinese Restaurant

Hotels rates are cheap in the city($13.50 per night). Most accommodations are available in these hotels.

-Hotel Mukta International
-Haq's Inn
-Dallas International
-Rajshahi Parjatan Motel
-Hotel Relax
-Hotel Asia

Hotels: http://www.rubd.net/pages//travel/hotels/index.php


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