July 29, 2008

Bangabandhu Bridge

Bangabandhu Bridge, also called the Jamuna Multi-purpose Bridge (Jomuna Bohumukhi Shetu), is opened in Bangladesh in June 1998. It is the eleventh longest bridge in the world and the second longest in South Asia (after Mahatma Gandhi Setu). This bridge is 4.8 km long. It connects Bhuapur on the Jamuna River's east bank to Sirajganj on its west bank. The bridge, stretching from tangail to sirajganj is located on the Asian Highway will provide continuous international road and links from South-east Asia to North-west Europe.

Jamuna Bridge is 110 km from Dhaka. It is a real beauty at evening and nights when sodium lights lighten the bridge. Some beautiful resorts have already been established near the bridge.

On the bridge at night

On the Bridge at afternoon

Jamuna River is one of the three main rivers of Bangladesh.

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