August 6, 2009


Srimongal is the tea capital of Bangladesh where more than 150 tea gardens are located and out of which three are ranked as the largest tea gardens in the world. Srimongal is popularly known as the land of two leaves and a bud. Nestled in the picturesque Surma valley amidst scenic beauty of terraced tea gardens, eye soothing orange and lemon groves, pineapple plantation and the rich tropical forests farming the extra ordinary beautiful lands cape. The valley is covered with the three distinctive rain forest like Lawachara, Shatchari and Remakalanga wildlife sanctuary bordering . The Tripura hills of India on the south east. There are quite good number of enormous natural haors supporting huge marine plants and sweet water fish resources. These haors provide sanctuary to the millions of local migratory birds flying from Siberia across the Himalayas.
The indigenous people like Khasia, Monipuri, tripura and Garo are the mainstream of Adibashi (aboriginal) who are still untouched. The classical Monipuri cultural excellence has acquired world wide reputation.

Place to stay in Srimongol:

Nishorgo Nirob Eco-Cottage (3 rooms) Radhanagar, 20 minute rickshaw ride from train station; mob: 01715 041207; Nishorgo’s flagship project of creating ‘eco-cottages’ began here at this small village just a few kilometers outside of Srimongol and a 45-minute walk from the Lawachara rainforest. The concept was to employ locals to house visiting guests and provide some fo the capital necessary to build facilities for them. At the Nirob eco-cottage, there are three rooms. One is housed in a standard concrete building but the other two are bamboo huts nestled in a lemon grove tucked away at the back of the property, with a small flowing stream behind it, perfect for dipping on hot days. Needless to say, this is a secret spot that won’t remain hidden for long. Calling ahead for booking is essential. The proprietor’s wife is an excellent cook as well. The bamboo hut costs Tk1,000 per night and includes breakfast. Facilities include hot water on request, meals, and a power supply system that can run computers, chargers and lights even when the power goes out. Mr. Shamsul is the one you want to speak with.

Nishorgo Nandan Eco-Cottage (2 rooms) Uttar Baligaon, Karamat Nagar; mob: 01711 731551; The second of Nishorgo’s eco-cottages, offering similar facilities but not the beautiful bamboo hut. If Nirob is already booked this would be a great choice as well. Facilities are the same: two double-bedded rooms with attached bath and basic food served (Tk1,000). Mr. Anando is the proprietor here.

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