August 5, 2009

Promoting Cox’s Bazar as the Longest Unbroken Sea Beach


Promoting something in the age of globalization may be thought as a common phenomenon. Almost nothing goes without promotion around us. Still, one would wonder why to promote something like a sea beach, a unique ecological resource of the world. A spot of beauty and health like Cox’s Bazar may not need be promoted. But, such a resource and place of attraction as well need be promoted. People across the world now a days have lot to do throughout their working hours. Time constraint and workload have narrowed the scope of men to learn. But the thirst to explore and learn is very much alive. Their needs keep them busy, their demands get fulfilled by quick marketers, their thirst for knowledge is quenched by the materials at their reach. Yes, a mutual exchange of the demand and the means to satisfy them have come at terms with each other. We go for satisfying our needs but there are agents to reach us as well. Therefore, in the same age when channels are there to go to and to reach the market vice versa one need to think twice before deciding the way one would a century before.

Promoting a cause in the twenty first century is not the same as it used to mean a century before when it would have to deal with patriotism, ethical viewpoints, emotional enthusiasm and uplifting the sense of pride as such. In an era of marketing and globalization it tends to encompass the issues of business, economics, human welfare and going for a sustainable development. And all these uphold a national standard at the top. If we consider one or two unique features that our land has and which are famous around the world as places of natural wonder are the Sundarbans and the longest unbroken Sea beach in the world Cox’s Bazar. But, in the era of business and promotion we need to highlight our natural resources in order to bring businesses for our country. Tourism is such a field where Bangladesh as a naturally beautiful country has a lot to explore its prospects.

All the countries of the world now a days are going for massive promotional activities in various media and in diverse ways. These countries have realized the need to join in the trend of globalization. They have a positive attitude toward taking the challenge of getting along the world community while it is moving toward a global village, they have also realized that being globally viable only means becoming locally / nationally stable and well off. It only upholds the pride of a nation. In an era of business and communication the fronts that the countries have to win on are the economic viability, promoting national causes by attracting the attention of the global community toward the resources of its own and above all sustainable development.

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